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Preventative Maintenance

We help homeowners protect their investment in their home for years to come.

Your home is your most valuable investment, and as such, our goal is to help you maintain and protect it for years to come.


Small repairs and preventative steps around your home are a great way to prolong its lifespan, preserve a beautiful exterior, and in some cases, improve your energy efficiency. 

We are happy to offer a free 12-point Home Maintainance Evaluation to help you keep up with important maintenance items each year. 

This no-obligation, Home Maintenance Evaluation includes an inspection of your roof, gutters, attic ventilation, and several other items to make sure your home is in good condition and ready to face the Texas weather. If we find something that needs attention, we will give you options on how best to remedy it.

Our hope is to catch what is small before it turns serious. If you would like a free Home Maintenance Evaluation, please give us a call at 817-482-6273.

We service Fort Worth, Dallas, and all surrounding areas, and it would be an honor to serve you! 

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