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Free Roof Evaluations & Photo Reports

Whether you have a leak or would just like to know the condition of your roof, we are here to help.

Many times, storm damage cannot be seen from your yard but can cause serious leaks over time.

That is why it is recommended to have your roof inspected after each hailstorm to evaluate whether there is damage that needs to be taken care of.​

All our roof evaluations are performed by a HAAG Certified Roof Inspector. HAAG Inspectors have been trained by practicing forensic engineers on how to inspect and assess damage which provides more accurate and authoritative reports.

After a roof is evaluated, we provide a detailed photo report showing the damage found with our recommendations. If no roof damage is found, we will send you a well-roof report for your records, which can be helpful if you need to file an insurance claim in the future.

At G4 Roofs, we specialize in storm damage restoration. If storm damage is found on your roof, we would be happy to go over your options, whether it be a roof repair or full roof replacement. For severe damage, we can also restore all of your property back to its pre-storm condition, including the roof, gutters, windows, paint, interior work, and much more.


We are proud to serve Fort Worth, Dallas, and the surrounding areas, and it would be an honor to serve you! Give us a call today or schedule your complimentary roof evaluation below.

Hail Damage to Roof.heic
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